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How to Get Paid to Blog

The dream of many bloggers is to eventually figure out how to get paid to blog.  Some people have the patience to wait a year or two for their blogs to gain steam, so that they can monetize their property, and others need the immediate gratification of money in the bank.  Really crafty writers and bloggers will combine the two methods, using the money gained from freelance blogging and writing to fund their own online properties.

There are many ways to get paid blogging directly without waiting for your own blog to get legs.  Unfortunately, while there are many legitimate freelance blogging jobs available, there are equally as many scams.  Some of the more well-known “get paid to write” type sites out there are Demands Studios, TextBroker, and eLance.  These are all legitimate places where you can start to get paid to blog online.  While not technically “blogs” the websites catered to by Demand Studios include eHow, LiveStrong, Trails.com, and others.  They pay anywhere from $3 to $20 or more per article, there is no shortage of articles to write, and they pay out twice a week.  Because of their high payout, and high quality standard, they have the highest minimum requirements of any place I’ve found online, and include having a bachelor’s degree.  TextBroker is less stringent with their requirements.  You must write a sample article, and if it’s good enough, you’re in.  This is way of getting paid to blog where you’re essentially providing uncredited work for other people’s blogs.  Bloggers out there who have many blogs, and require tons of content, will outsource this content creation to places like text broker.  They price per word, and they charge anywhere from .01 to .067 per article, and the write gets a majority of that.  Finally, eLance is a freelancing job website where you can either post your skills as a job seeker, or browse the jobs available and apply to the ones that appeal to you.  Again, this is a way to make money blogging for other people.  Many of the people who post there are in the process of developing their own web properties and are seeking cheap writers.  Aside from the blog posts, there are other writing jobs available, and various other types of online jobs including coding, and being a virtual assistant.  These aren’t the only legitimate places to get paid to write online, but it’s a good bunch of places to get started.

One of the scams you need to look out for isn’t a scam, but really isn’t worth your time.  Let’s say you’ve established a nice little blog, and you haven’t quite started making money with it yet, so you Googling around for ways to get paid for you blog.  You’re likely to come across many sites that will pay you to review some product.  These are becoming less prominent, but a couple years ago, this was all the rage.  The thing is, what these “paid to review” websites often don’t disclose is that their main purpose for paying for you to post a review on your blog is to get a backlink.  It really has nothing to do with what you say about their product or how you say it.  If you start to gain pagerank, some of these companies might even approach you to do this.  If they do, tell them to shove off.  Why?  Google hates paid links, and these pay reviews are merely a vaguely cloaked way to pay you for backlinks.  Google is well aware of this, and will slap you with a reduction in pagerank, if not deindex you entirely for engaging in this activity.  Even if your blog isn’t that big yet, it’s really not worth losing what you’ve built for a couple of dollars up front.  Just don’t do it.

Finally, you probably know all of the ways to monetize your blog.  Adsense, Chitika, and other advertising is one way many people try to make money blogging.  You can also create your own product related to your chosen niche, or industry and sell that through your blog.  The trick is to generate website traffic so this is actually a worthwhile pursuit.  Traffic takes a long time to build up, and we’ve talked about some of the ways to get this traffic before.  The best traffic for monetization, in my opinion, is search engine traffic.  Increasing your search engine traffic requires a number of things, one of which is age in Google.  What a lot of bloggers don’t understand, is that they can write great content, and they can even do the research involved in picking the right blog topics that’ll pull in search engine traffic, but it will be 9 months to a year before that post, or anything on their blog begins to gain traction in Google.  That is why buying aged domains is the hot ticket right now.  If you can buy a blog that has a Pagerank of 0, but has been in Google’s index for 12 months or more, you can start posting, and those posts will have almost immediate weight in the SERPS.  “Age in Google” refers to how long it’s been in Google’s index, not just how long the domain has had a website on it.  This age has quite an effect on several things, including how quickly your new posts get indexed, and their initial position in Google’s index.  It requires much less work to get a new post on an old website climbing the rankings into a solid position than it does to get any post ranking anywhere for a new domain.   Anyway, the point here is that after 9 months to a year, you will start seeing traffic coming to your blog, and that traffic can be monetized.  If you spend your first year worrying about writing the right type of posts to pull in searchers, then you’re sure to be able to make money with your blog.

There are many ways to get paid to blog, and this list is far from exhaustive.  If you really want to build an income stream for the long-run, write posts for your own blog, and wait that year for the momentum to build.  If you need to get paid immediately there are ways to do that too, but the way to become a real uber blogger is develop your own online properties.  If you need the cash now, combine working for others with your own blogging on your own sites.  This is a great way to ensure you’re getting income, as well as providing yourself with solid internet real estate that you can profit from indefinitely.

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