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Generate Website Traffic Using Paid Ads

I see you’re still looking to generate website traffic.  Well, good thing I’m here.  I mean, I get it; you want to be an uber blogger.  Who doesn’t?  Some people think this requires fame, some people think you can improve website traffic with SEO, and others think they can buy their way into increasing website traffic.  Let’s talk about that final group.

It’s not really all about generating website traffic.  Okay, it is, but you don’t want just any idiot wandering to your site.  You want targeted web traffic.  You want buyers, and clickers.  Clickers click things, and buyers buy what’s on the other side of that click.  A great way to find people who click ads is by purchasing your own ads through a well known advertisement network such as Adwords.  This will get people to your site if you’re clever enough with your ad copy, and when they get there, you know they’re prepared to start clicking. As long as you give them just enough information to want a little more, they should hopefully find another ad on your site and click away to satisfy their curiosity.  That was a fun fantasy wasn’t it?

The truth is, bidding on Adwords or any other similar network can be an expensive prospect.  It’s the type of thing that requires a lot of practice, patience and fine tuning.  Sure it might bring targeted website traffic to you, but you have no idea what to do with them when you get there.  It’s like that time you pretended to be a lot cooler than you actually are in order to get girls.  Sure, they came running, but you’re not actually that cool, so you just fumbled around like a fool until they left you for someone who really is awesome.  Me, for example.  I stole your girlfriend, and while I was at it I stole your website traffic too.

Anyway, back to these people who are showing up on your site because of your super cool ad.  They see your ugly little blog, and they run away.  They probably won’t even bother to wait around until the whole monstrosity of a blinged-out Web 2.0 P.O.S. loads.  They will never follow you on Twitter, they won’t comment, and they certainly won’t click anything.  Quite frankly, they’re just going to hit the back button.  It’s not you, it’s them.  Just kidding; it’s you.

Buying ads is for people with something to sell; it’s not for people like you or I who are just trying to funnel people towards those who have something to sell.  Ads will eat away at your margins.  Some day, you may be able to pull off a successful ad campaign; sure, and someday you may be able to remove a bra with one hand, but these things take time.  Start with something easy; create useful and searched for content and learn how to generate traffic using SEO like rest of us nerds.


One method that you can use to generate website traffic is link or banner exchanges.  This method involves exchanging hypertext blogroll links or linked banner images with other webmasters or bloggers who, preferably, have a related site.  You can do this manually by wandering around the internet seeking link exchange partners or you can subscribe to a system that automatically places your links on other subscribers websites.  Seems like a great idea, right?  This should get you some targeted web traffic right?  Wrong.

First off, if you manage to convince some webmaster to link to you, you’re going to get stuck on their blogroll with a bunch of other useless links that no one ever clicks on.  You might think “well at least I get a backlink out of it,” and this may be true, but it’s possible your friendly webmaster believes in all that link juice hoarding mumbo jumbo and may stick you with the dreaded nofollow tag.  Does this sound like a good way to generate website traffic to you?  I didn’t think so.

Well forget that then, let’s generate website traffic by joining a network of link exchange partners and we’ll do banner exchanges until our fingers blister.  Right off there, you’re screwed.  Most of these services are pay services, and Google strictly prohibits paying for any kind of linking service.  Even if the service is free, Big Daddy Google hates link networks and you’re sure to get smacked down hard if the links or banners are dofollow.  Nofollow links would be fine, but what good are those?  No one is going to click that crap anyway.  You need real SEO value links (dofollow) links.

At best, maybe you’ve created a super cool banner for your banner exchange and you get the occasional curiosity click.  Whoopty shit.  That is not the type of traffic you want.  They aren’t buyers, they aren’t looking for anything.  They are simply wandering around in a catatonic state of boredom, looking for their next 15 seconds of entertainment.  This is definitely not the way to generate website traffic.


How To Generate Website Traffic

One of the first things a wannabe uber blogger should be wondering is how to generate website traffic.  In the online world web traffic equals money.  It’s as simple as that.  What is not so simple is how to get the right targeted website traffic to your blog.

If you think that becoming the next famous A-List blogger is going to make you money, then you might as well leave now.  Go ahead and wander off to one of “those” blogs and read their latest fluff piece on “10 Ways To Circle Jerk Your Blogging Buddies And Get Famous.”  The type of traffic most social media butterfly types generate isn’t worth beans in terms of monetization.  It is not targeted website traffic, it is a broad demographic of folks that show up to be entertained by their latest vapid regurgitation about how to make money blogging.  They are not there to seek real information which means they’re not there geared up to buy anything or click adverts.  They come running when something new shows up in their RSS reader, and they disappear just as quickly, possibly leaving a “hey buddy, nice post” comment to the benefit of the blogger’s ego.  Of course those comments are usually only a sad attempt to get similar readers to filter over to the commenters equally inane blog about blogging.  This is self-serving traffic, and not targeted website traffic.

Wait, isn’t this a blog about blogging?  Well, yes I suppose it is.  But it’s not a blog about how to get famous blogging.  It’s a blog about how to make real money blogging.  It’s essentially about getting paid to blog; getting paid to do something you really enjoy doing.  By that I mean a steady flow of income by getting steady website traffic.  I’m going to (at least try) to show you how to generate website traffic that will make you money.  You will make pennies at first, and you will continue to do so for sometime.  But if you continue to generate website traffic, you’ll reach a tipping point where all of the sudden you start getting adsense checks monthly and from there is just snowballs.

The ways I show you how to generate website traffic are nothing new, and I don’t claim to have invented anything you will read here.  For the most part this is parroted, and unoriginal information that has been around a lot longer than I’ve been blogging.  What I do know is that these methods work, and by listening to me and the folks I point towards, you will make real money online, and you won’t have to publish a crappy eBook to do so.