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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Are you trying to get more traffic to your blog? Well, this may be a challenge especially if you are newbie in blogging. There are many insightful tips that you can use on how to get traffic to your blog. The tips are virtually endless but here I want to share the most effective and widely used. With them, more traffic will stream into your blog just like I have managed to do with my blogs.

Important Tips on How to Get Traffic to your Blog

  1. Start by preparing your blog for more traffic. Ensure that customers will have a nice experience. Put yourself in the perspective of potential visitors and ask yourself what you would expect to find in such a blog. Offer quality content and ensure the design is elegant. If the quality of content is high and the design appealing, customers who stream in will be holed up for long and are likely to become frequent blog visitors.
  2. Ping your blog. This will notify the search engines that your blog has been updated. In your WordPress blog’s settings, set up automatic pinging. In the admin dashboard, click on the “Blog options” and then “Advanced Settings”. In the page you land in, type up to ten pinging services websites. Alternatively or in addition to adding them as outlined above, go to a multiple pinging service. These include pingates.com and pingboat.com.
  3. Connect with as many people as you can to market your blog. Frequently post useful comments and blog posts to related forums. In the comments, include signature links to your blog. Comment on other people’s blogs and bookmark them as they are likely to return the favor.
  4. Make use of social media. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can lead more visitors to your blog. For instance, you can start a fan page for your blog and frequently post relevant links to your followers linking back to your blog. Ask them to share with their friends and within a short time, more people will be visiting your blog.
  5. Every now and then, post new information to your blog. If possible, post several posts on a daily basis. If time is limited for you, consider posting about two blog posts every week. You could also hire a freelance writer to be writing frequent guest posts once in a while.
  6. Make use of SEO techniques. This topic is a little too in-depth for the scope of this post but at the very least you want to ensure keyword phrases in your blog content appear in the titles, and is naturally sprinkled throughout your content. Relevant headings with keywords will also help. This will ensure your site ranks well and will thus attract more traffic.
  7. Use online and offline marketing techniques such as the use of press releases, classified ads, website directories, article marketing and direct mail. Use both paid and free methods to advertise your blog. Review which methods are more effective and focus on them.

These are just but a few methods through which you can increase traffic to your blog. In addition to using these effective methods, remember you have to keep visitors to your blog by offering them the information they need. Retaining these visitors is more difficult than getting new ones and you must therefore ensure they get what they need.

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