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Generate Website Traffic Using SEO

Ah, the holy grail; how to generate website traffic using SEO.  If you are in this whole website business for money, rather than fame, then this is probably the most valuable way to gain traffic.  If you’re “lucky,” you may even pick up a fan or two along the way, and get that fame and fortune you’ve been secretly seeking.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the process of optimizing your website in order to climb the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).  The idea is to get to the top for whatever keyword your website is about.  If your website is about “widgets,” you want to be the first result when people search for “widgets” in Google or any other search engine.  It’s also important to get to the top of the SERPS for related terms like “how to store your widget,” and “where to get widgets.”  Those two related terms are the type of terms that make search engine traffic so valuable.

Those two terms would be the queries of someone looking for information, and possibly to purchase that information, or a product. If you sell widgets and you’re the first result for “where to get widgets,” where do you think it’s likely they’ll get a widget?  That’s right, your site.  If you are simply a fan of widgets, then you could give them more information about widgets, possibly helping them decide exactly what type of widget they need. After reading your article, they’ve decided “blue widgets” are what they need, they see the “blue widget” advertisement on your website, they click away, and you get paid.

Learning how to generate traffic using SEO is also valuable because it’s free.  Not only is it free, but it’s time consuming and difficult.  This gives it a high barrier of entry.  Most people who attempt SEO give up, and default to other methods that are easier and more expensive.  Those methods are fleeting though, whether they’re paying for ads, or links, because the ads go away as soon as you stop paying.  And the links, if they’re discovered by Google (and they will be, they’re smart fellers over there), will get your site buried in the SERPS, if not deindexed entirely.   In the end, it’s hard work that will pay off in the form of long-term results.

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