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Generate Website Traffic Using Link/Banner Exchanges

One method that you can use to generate website traffic is link or banner exchanges.  This method involves exchanging hypertext blogroll links or linked banner images with other webmasters or bloggers who, preferably, have a related site.  You can do this manually by wandering around the internet seeking link exchange partners or you can subscribe to a system that automatically places your links on other subscribers websites.  Seems like a great idea, right?  This should get you some targeted web traffic right?  Wrong.

First off, if you manage to convince some webmaster to link to you, you’re going to get stuck on their blogroll with a bunch of other useless links that no one ever clicks on.  You might think “well at least I get a backlink out of it,” and this may be true, but it’s possible your friendly webmaster believes in all that link juice hoarding mumbo jumbo and may stick you with the dreaded nofollow tag.  Does this sound like a good way to generate website traffic to you?  I didn’t think so.

Well forget that then, let’s generate website traffic by joining a network of link exchange partners and we’ll do banner exchanges until our fingers blister.  Right off there, you’re screwed.  Most of these services are pay services, and Google strictly prohibits paying for any kind of linking service.  Even if the service is free, Big Daddy Google hates link networks and you’re sure to get smacked down hard if the links or banners are dofollow.  Nofollow links would be fine, but what good are those?  No one is going to click that crap anyway.  You need real SEO value links (dofollow) links.

At best, maybe you’ve created a super cool banner for your banner exchange and you get the occasional curiosity click.  Whoopty shit.  That is not the type of traffic you want.  They aren’t buyers, they aren’t looking for anything.  They are simply wandering around in a catatonic state of boredom, looking for their next 15 seconds of entertainment.  This is definitely not the way to generate website traffic.

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