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Cool Tools To Turn Your Blog Into a Book

If you’ve been blogging for a while, chances are you have built a loyal crowd who attentively follows your site. A great aspect of blogging is that it can reach audiences instantly as well as regularly. Having a blog means you can always keep your following by your side with weekly posts and stories, and as authors this means constant writing to keep the blog growing. However in the other hand, blogging also makes a lot of valuable content free of charge but also hidden under millions of web pages that circulate across the internet. Some especially valuable content maybe coming from your site, yet it does not rank or reach as many people as you believe it could reach and help.

But what would happen, if you could make a book out of your blog content? Perhaps even turning your whole blog into a book? Then you could further expand your market’s reach and depending how successful or useful the book becomes,it may even generate a small fortune. When it comes to making your blog into a book, there are a handful of ways to go about it.

Top Tools For Turning A Blog Into A Book

  • Blurb.Com – One of the first software invented to serve this unique purpose. Blurb integrates with the most popular blogging platforms and allows you to easily create an book using your many different blog posts. Blurb crawls and stores all of your blog posts, along with any picture or charts they may contain, and files these blog posts as chapters and book pages. The use of the software is absolutely free; however, charges apply when you order physical copies of your blog book.
  • Bookemon.Com – Much like blurb, Bookemon is also a software that crawls, stores and files your blog posts into book pages. However unlike Blurb, Bookemon has a larger, more personalized choice of book covers. Bookemon also serves the educational niche which may be unrelated to your blog’s topic.
  • Blog2print.Com – Blog2print allows you to easily and effortlessly create a book from your blog content. Some unique features that ultimately set Blog2print.com apart from the other software is the fact that Blog2print has a faster ordering process that eliminate all of the hassle that comes with signing up, downloading and installing complicated software to use the service. Blog2print also includes an affiliate program that can be shared with family, friends, or even your blog audience to generate extra income.
  • Anthologize WordPress Plugin – If your blog is currently hosted of WordPress, this plugin can be the perfect solution to turn a blog into a book. Anthologize is a WordPress plugin that allows the owner to assemble blog posts and pages and chronologically arrange them into a book. Although unlike the other software, Anthologize does not include a printing service, by having a files copy of your work you can then approach a book manufacturing company to do this work for you. Unlike the other tools mentioned in this post, anthologize is completely free.

You can use any of the above tools to turn your blog into a book. This will help you reach a new audience, or maybe just give you physical product to sell to your existing readers. Either way, this niche is growing, and I expect to see more options in the future.

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