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Blog Topics That Will Make You Money

I suppose I could write a list of blog topics that I wish somebody out there would write, but I don’t read blogs, so the list would be very short. Non-existent even. What you write your blog or your posts about makes no never-mind to me. You want people to find your blog though, right? And maybe you’ve slapped some Adsense on your blog in the hopes of making money. Further, if you’re new to this whole blogging thing you probably don’t have a whole heck of a lot of authority, so you don’t want stiff competition when it comes to getting your content ranked.

I suppose this is where I steer you away from useful topics, and make up a bunch of random long-tail titles that will make you feel good about ranking, and provide me with less competition. Maybe you think I’m really searching for “7 Ways Your Dog Makes You Happy,” and that if, one day, I search for this article in Google, you’ll be number 1, and I’ll totally get you and identify with you, and we’ll hold hands and skip off into the sunset. Well, that’s not what I’m going to do. What I’m going to do here is provide blog topics that fall under the following 3 criteria.

  1. Have at least 1000 searchers per month (Global – exact match)
  2. Have a decent CPC (over $1.00 for the most part)
  3. Have relatively easy competition (low PR, few (or low quality) links, non-matching titles in the top 10 etc.)

The list should be full of enough different topics that you’ll be able to find at least 1 thing you can write about and have the message align with whatever your blog is about.  It’s not about pissing off or confusing your readers with off-topic content that makes money, but rather about providing information that is relevant to both your readers, searchers from Google, and advertisers.  Finding the balance between these three is the key to making money with your blog.

Here you go, 50 blog topics.  Really, it’s an alphabetical list of keyword phrases.  You’re the creative one; you come up with your own title around the phrase.

[ I have removed the list because it was made using inaccurate data from the keyword tool before it was updated last summer.  You can use the criteria I lay out here to make your own lists.]

Now, why would I give away such valuable information?  Well, first of all, no one reads this blog right now (and it’s likely no one ever will).  If I want to use any of the topics above, I’ll have quite a head start before anyone stumbles upon this post.

I’m not posting these blog topic ideas to “get your creative juices flowing.”  I’m posting them to give you actionable and valuable keyword phrases to capture search traffic, and possibly get paid to blog.  If something above does indeed get your creative juices flowing, then that’s probably the topic you should run with.  Keep in mind, this isn’t just a simple process of writing a post with the title above, and doing nothing.  While time will eventually pull that post into a decent position in the SERPS, you’re going to have to do some basic SEO, like URL structuring and making the title tag match the phrase (Thesis helps a lot with that, or you can use the All in One SEO plugin).  Beyond that, you’re also going to have to work on getting backlinks, whether you write some articles in common article directories that allow dofollow links, or you pitch the article to your blogging comrades.  Getting backlinks will help you rank higher in the SERPS.

If you don’t feel you can write about any of the blog topics above, then do the research yourself.  It’s not particularly difficult.  Go to the Google Adwords keyword tool, type in words or phrases related to your topic of choice.  Switch the settings to “exact” match, rather than broad, and use the pulldown to “show Estimated Avg. CPC.” Write down the keywords that have a volume over 1000 and CPC over $1.00.  From there, analyze your competition.  Use a site analyzer (like the SEO Quake Firefox plugin) and eliminate words that have sites with PR5 or higher in the top 3, or a lot of PR3 and 4 sites in the top 10.  Even still, if their titles aren’t exactly matched to the keyword you’re targeting you can probably still beat them with some work (if their’s is plural, and your target is singular, that’s fair game – those are two different keywords as far as Google is concerned).  Don’t worry about how many backlinks they have, because you can always get more eventually, and quantity isn’t as important as quality.

Anyway, if you think I’ve tipped my hand too much here by giving away 50 keywords that I’ve worked hard to research and find, don’t you worry, I have a list of thousands of keywords to work off of.  Do you think “blog topics” might be one of them?

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