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What is the Best Blog Site?

Many new bloggers wonder what the best blog site is.  That is a pretty broad category though, so we’re going to have to break it up into 2 parts.  The first part we’ll talk about the best blog hosting site, or sites rather, and then we’ll talk about about a couple of the best sites to learn about blogging.

The two biggest free blog hosting sites are the well known Blogger and WordPress.com.  They have their differences of course, but their offerings are pretty analogous.  CHoosing which site to go with becomes a matter of personal taste.  Some people (mistakenly) assume that because Google owns Blogger, that they’re site will get more “Google love” and maybe avoid the Google sandbox, but that is entirely unfounded.  From my experience, and the experience of other bloggers I’ve spoken with, Google treats both free blog sites the same; so which of these two is the best free blog site?  Personally, I’d go with WordPress.com.  This is mostly from the perspective of someone who hosts his own blogs, all of which are WordPress blogs.  Sure, you don’t want to spend the money now to launch your blog, but what if you decide to go self-hosted in the future?  If you start with Blogger, you’re going to have to learn a whole new interface when you switch to your own hosting because you’re going to go with WordPress on your own domain.  But doesn’t Blogger have a self-hosted blog solution?  Yes, and it sucks.  Don’t even bother with it.  Right now, WordPress is the easiest, and best solution, so if you must go with a free blog host, use WordPress.com.  Really though, if you’re serious about this whole blogging thing you should think of a super clever domain name (You know, like Uberblogger), pony up the dough, and get some hosting, and start taking your blogging endeavors a little more seriously.  (FYI – that is an affiliate link to Host Gator.  I host a ton of blogs with them, and have never had a huge problem.  They’re also quite cheap, so get on it.)

Now, what is the best blog site to use as far as learning is concerned. Well, if it were a couple years in the future, I’d say “UberBlogger.net,” but as of right now, the content is a bit sparse, and I plan on spending the next little while targeting keywords and providing relevant and quality content according to those keywords, which means according to needs of searchers and the search engines. If/when I start getting readers and users, I will cater more towards them. Or maybe I’ll just get bored with “blogging about blogging” find out it’s not a lucrative angle in this business, and sell the site off to some hopeful blogging dreamer. Since this blog here isn’t quite the extensive resource it may some day be, your choices boil down to a couple different camps. If you want to learn how to write happy slappy posts like that all start with “5 Ways To…”, you’ll be looking at ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, etc. However, if you’re looking to make money blogging, or make money online, follow those two links and not only read their content, but observe how they operate.  Depending on which direction you want to go in, or perhaps you want to mix them both, you’ll want to see who they link out to and interact with, because they are likely going to provide you with relevant information that aligns with what you’re searching for; that’s kind of how the interwebs work.

All right, so there you have it; the best site to start a blog is WordPress as far as I’m concerned.  And your concerns, I assume, are aligned with mine, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading.  So go and start your free blog (cheap bastard) or start a self-hosted blog (using Host Gator, of course, mostly because I needs to get paid), but either way, use good ole’ WordPress.  We’ve covered a few of the best blog sites that you might want to take a look at if you’re just starting out, all of which are educational in their own way, depending on which angle you’re approaching this whole blogging thing.  That being said, why are you still here?  Go, build, learn, blog.

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